Configuring Topics for New Pins as Optional, Suggested, or Required

There are three options for using topics in a board: 1) You can require that learners associate a Topic with every new Pin they make, 2) you can set the system to suggest that learners use a Topic when they create a new Pin, or 3) you can set it so that the system just allows learners to Pin without a Topic and without receiving any warning or suggestion to add one.

We recommend making it so that learners who post new Pins are required to associate a Topic with them because it helps students stay organized and filter content.  It also improves the data that instructors can see in their class dashboard.


To Change Whether Topics are Required, Suggested, or Optional

  • Select the Settings tab
  • Select the Topics subsection tab
  • Click the dropdown menu, and select the desired option:
    • "Not required to use topics" - Selecting this option will allow board followers to create content, unrelated to board topics
    • "Suggest using topics before posting" - Selecting this option will prompt board followers with a suggestion to select from existing board topics upon attempting to create a pin
    • "Require every new pin to have a topic" - This option requires users to select a topic from those that exist in the board upon posting a pin (recommended)


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