Yellowdig Networks Overview

When using Yellowdig, individual universities, institutions, and businesses are contained within networks.

Networks are private. Any content that is generated within an organization's network is unique to that network and is safely contained. 



Public + Private Boards

Within a network, there is the ability to create both Public and Private boards.

Public Boards: Public boards are open to the entirety of users within the network.

Private Boards: Private boards allow board owners to restrict access to users. Additionally, private boards can be hidden, allowing for only those having been invited to have access. To enable this feature, contact


Multiple Networks

Users can belong to more than one network within Yellowdig and can easily switch between the networks to which they belong. When hovering over the network that a user is currently signed into, all other networks will be displayed and can be clicked on to switch into. (illustrated below)



Yellowdig offers seamless integration with any major LMS. For more information on integrating Yellowdig with your LMS, click here.



Yellowdig offers customization at an organization level. For an example of an organization wide customization, click here.

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