Important Upcoming Features

Fall 2017 


Yellowdig conversations are the next step in encouraging real-time engagement inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Familiar direct messaging
  • Private one-on-one & group messaging
  • Board owner and admin can decide to be included in all messages (as an observer)
  • Connect every conversation to a board / topic / pin to keep discussions focused


Topic Analytics

"Topic Analysis" is a feature that will show instructors which class concepts students are engaging with and provide an assurance of learning.

  • Users will be able to see which topics are being discussed the most.
  • Users will be able to visualize the popularity of topics over time.
  • Instructors will be able to see which students talk about which topics.



Engagement Notifications

Engagement Notifications will serve not only as the gauge by which an organization can monitor how engaged its users are - but  - also as a safety net to catch students falling problematically behind.

  • Notify users based on number of actions, views, or points over a selected period of time, defined by the board owner or admin
  • Notification can be turned on or off, at anytime


Post to Multiple Boards

Another time saver, this feature will give users the ability to post to multiple boards with only one Pin. 

  • All boards that a user is a member of will be displayed. The user simply has to select any number of them and submit their post.


Spring 2018

  • Pins 2.0
  • API 2.0 
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