Enabling Anonymous Posting

Anonymous Posting is a feature that allows board owners to decide whether or not to allow board followers to post anonymously. 

To enable Anonymous Posting for any board, navigate to Settings and on the Basics tab you will see a checkbox titled Allow Anonymous Posts and Comments. After toggling this checkbox, click the green Save Settings button on the top-right of the page.



Things to remember regarding Anonymous Posting:

  • The board owner will still see the identity of those making anonymous Pins and Comments
  • All users will see their identity on their own Pins and Comments
  • If anonymous posting is disabled for a board after posting, anonymous Pins and Comments that were already posted will maintain their anonymity


Sample Use-Case Scenario:

Enabling Anonymous Posting can be useful when a course is discussing very personal or sensitive material. From a pedagogical standpoint, giving students the opportunity to bring their own unique experiences into the discussion is crucial in educational process. Issues can arise though where students do not feel comfortable or are hesitant to reveal personal information.

Anonymous Posting can help alleviate this issue in a very simple and straightforward manner. It is important to remind students that this is not completely anonymous, because the instructor and admins for the board will still be able to see their identities. This also helps instructors to be able to monitor and moderate the discussions and conversations if necessary.

Another use case that some Professors have used Anonymous Posting for is Anonymous Peer Review. Students can post their work and have it reviewed anonymously by their peers. Anonymity leads to better and more open feedback given by peers. 


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