Customer Success Process

The Process below outlines the process our Customer Success Manager will take you through. It is designed to provide appropriate support at each stage of the adoption process to mitigate any friction you might experience in adopting Yellowdig.


The onboarding process will take you and your team through the basics of Yellowdig. We want to create a strong foundation from which you can grow so we take the time to really set you up well. Below is an outline of what the onboarding process generally entails.

  • Introductory call
    • Schedule training
    • Define goals
  • Walkthrough and training for Professors, Instructors, TAs, and Instructional Design Team
    • Outline usage
    • Describe details of available configurable settings
    • Demonstrate use-cases
    • Show what problems Yellowdig solves
  • Present Webinar Schedule
  • Define how further support will be handled


Monitoring Usage and Adoption

During the first month of your use of Yellowdig, we want to make sure that you are seeing the true value that the platform provides. We will monitor how each professor is using the tool to make sure that you are getting the most out of it, and that you are working towards accomplishing your goals.

  We will check to make sure that you have:

  • completed LTI integration with your LMS so that students can easily and automatically access Yellowdig
  • Gradebook Passback properly configured so that you have the option to automatically grade boards based on pre-determined participation settings
  •  set up boards in the appropriate way so that students can begin discussions from day one


Ongoing Support

Ongoing support is available to you in two forms.

  • Directly through your CSM, who is your main point of contact. This is often the preferred method because they will have a good idea of the personalized support that you and your institution need.
  • For more general support, you can reach out directly to or go through the support channels within the platform. This is also how students will access support if they need general help with account issues.


3 Month / End of Semester Check in

Once you have finished your first semester with Yellowdig, you will have a better grasp of how everything works. We have found that this is a good time to get back together and discuss a few things:

  • What issue you are having
  • What pain points we can alleviate
  • What big successes you have experienced
  • Anything that needs to be cleared up before the following semester can be taken care of during this time
  • We can loop in the development team to make any actual changes to the platform that might be appropriate


6 Month / End of Semester Check in

After two semesters of using Yellowdig, you will be an expert! In order to show you the quantitative value you have received from the platform, we will deliver you a report outlining you and your students usage to date. We would also like to get together with you to further discuss:

  • What we can do to make you even more successful the following semester
  • When we can schedule refresher training for you and your colleagues
  • How we can expand Yellowdig within your institution
  • Scheduling training for other members of your team or institution
  • If you would be willing to participate in a case study or an interview detailing your experience using Yellowdig


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