Your Organization Starting with Yellowdig: Our Customer Success Process

This article outlines a typical experience for new institutional partners or instructors and presents a checklist that Yellowdig and the organizational administrator should coordinate on each semester (or whenever launching a large number of Yellowdig boards). 

These processes are designed to provide appropriate support at each stage of adopting Yellowdig and to ensure ongoing success with the platform for instructors and learners.



The orientation process will take you and your team through the basics of Yellowdig, creating a strong foundation from which you can grow.  We also offer many resources that provide advice and information gleaned from current Yellowdig users and learned through our case studies.  The orientation process generally entails the following:

  • Introductory call
    • Schedule training
    • Define goals
  • Walkthrough and training for Professors, Instructors, TAs, and Instructional Design Team
    • Outline usage
    • Describe details of available configurable settings
    • Demonstrate use-cases
    • Show what problems Yellowdig solves
  • Webinar Schedule
  • Discussion of additional support coordinating Yellowdig and institutional resources


Monitoring Initial Usage and Adoption

During the first semester of working with Yellowdig we make sure that you start seeing the true value of the platform by monitoring how professors are using the tool and ensuring that the tool is allowing your institution to work the goals that led to your adoption of Yellowdig.

We will check to make sure that:

  • LTI integration with your LMS is completed so that students can easily and automatically access Yellowdig

  • Gradebook Passback is properly configured so that instructors have the option to automatically grade board participation based on point settings in Yellowdig

  • Boards are set up appropriately so that students can begin discussions easily


Ongoing Support

Ongoing support is available to you in two forms:

  • Directly through our Head of Customer Operations and our Client Success Team through
  • For general support, you can reach out directly to  There are also channels within the platform that link to our knowledge base (these channels are primarily how students will access support if they need general help).


End of Semester Check-In

Once you have finished your first semester with Yellowdig, you will have an excellent grasp of how everything works. We have found that this is a good time to get back together and discuss a few things:

  • Are there any issues instructors are having using the platform?
  • What successes have you experienced and how can we build on them?
  • Is there anything that we can do to improve use at your institution before the next semester?
  • Are there any ideas our development team can consider to make actual changes to the technology?  Or institutional customizations you would like to implement?

We offer a number of advanced training seminars and webinars for prior users, which we can also discuss offering for your faculty.  We will also continue to support adoption of the platform with interested new professors.


6 Months+

After a couple of semesters of using Yellowdig, you and your instructors will be experts!  To show you the quantitative value you have received from the platform, we will deliver you a report outlining institutional usage, including the number of instructors and students and amount of student participation and engagement. We would also generally further discuss:

  • What we can do to make you even more successful?
  • What is a good schedule for ongoing orientation or refresher training for you and your colleagues?
  • How we can improve adoption of Yellowdig within your institution?
  • Scheduling training for other members of your team or institution
  • Whether you or someone at your institution would like to participate in a case study or do and interview detailing experiences using Yellowdig?


Semester Checklist

To kickstart each semester with a strong launch, here are some recommended steps Yellowdig and the organizational administrator should review to ensure a smooth roll-out:

  • Check Yellowdig integration with your LMS
  • Test profile set-up to check integration, Yellowdig functionality, & gradebook sync
  • Define roles: Ensure the Yellowdig Learning and Academic Support Manager to has been introduced to professors and other university-based project leaders (e.g., course designers)
  • Define the scope of any new pilots or test initiatives & a list of those involved
  • Add Yellowdig to any courses that require setup
  • Coordinate an orientation procedure and set up any needed sessions and resources to engage current & new professors (e.g., written support materials, webinars, Q & A sessions, etc.)
  • Collaborate with Yellowdig’s Learning and Academic Support Manager and get feedback to improve for next semester!


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