Using Conversations to Communicate Directly with Others

Conversations allow you to instantly message the instructor or other learners to work on assignments, share documents, plan meetings, and discuss pins in real time.  It also allows communication with multiple other people and can be a great way to communicate for small group work. 

While Boards are designed to foster discussion and share knowledge with the whole community, there are plenty of reasons that direct communication with a smaller number of people can be useful and important. Here are some examples showing why we created Conversations:

  • Learners can use Conversations to get together and talk about projects and group work.
  • If a learner or the instructor wants to share a document directly with another community member, they can do so easily through Conversations.
  • Instructors can plan times to be available via Conversations to host virtual Office Hours.
  • Learners can discuss Pins that have been posted to the course board in one-on-one conversations.



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