Topic Analysis

Topic Analysis will allow professors to see which Topics are being discussed the most, and which are not being discussed enough.


One of the most difficult aspects of measuring within a course is whether or not students are learning and engaging with new information. A Professor can alleviate this problem by setting up mandatory topics and reviewing the Topic Analysis information for the course. The heatmap will show exactly which students are engaging with what content, in order to help assess Assurance of Learning.

When students engage with different topics it is much more likely that they are learning about that topic. When students engage very little they are likely to not be as comfortable discussing that particular topic and thus have not solidified the information as well. 

Note* -- Board admins will be provided a chart ( seen below ) when 8 or more topics have been used within the board. The chart provides the ability to select which 8 topics are displayed within the heatmap.


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