Setting Up Weekly Participation Notifications

It is often difficult to see when learners are starting to fall off or disengage completely from a course. Automated Notifications can help alleviate this issue by allowing an instructor to set a threshold of points or actions that are expected in a given timeframe.  These notifications can be configured in the Settings tab under the Notifications area, as seen below.  A quick video for setting these up is at the bottom of this article.



If a student falls below the set level of activity, they will automatically receive an email notification reminding them to participate. This fosters continued engagement and helps students to stay on track before they are too far disengaged or too far behind on points to recover and still get a good grade.

There is also a table at the bottom of the Notification settings area that displays the activity of students and marks those who are being notified with a red exclamation point.  This is an easy way for instructors to identify students who are not participating.  You can click on individual student names in this table and see what activity they have had and use that information to also potentially reach out and communicate with them directly.


  • Helps instructors automatically monitor and increase participation, especially in large classes
  • Helps to retain students in courses and keeps them more engaged
  • Reminders help learners stay on track
  • Provides learners feedback automatically about their performance
  • Discussions are more engaging because students are reminded to participate more often


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