Weekly Participation Notifications

Weekly Participation Notifications will automatically let learners know when they are not engaging enough with their discussions.


With large class sizes, it often be difficult to see when learners are at risk of falling off and disengaging completely from the course. Automated Notifications can help alleviate this issue. A professor or instructor can set a threshold of points or actions that if a student fall under for a specified period of time, they will automatically receive an email notification reminding them to get back on course. This fosters retention of students and helps them to get back on track before they are too far disengaged. 


Benefits for Instructors

  • Easy to set up
  • Scales perfectly to large class sizes
  • Helps to retain students and engage them in discussions


Benefits for Learners

  • Reminders help them to stay on track
  • They get feedback automatically when they start to stray
  • Their discussions are more engaging because every student is reminded to participate


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