Organization Customizations


LTI Launch Customizations

It’s possible to customize a wide variety of LTI launch parameters when using Yellowdig. These configurations can lend themselves to customizations including:

  • Custom user IDs
  • Custom Board/Course titles
  • Unique boards per week/modules
  • Control of display within LMS



Changing Your Organization's Logo

Its possible with Yellowdig to customize the "Yellowdig" logo to one that matches your org. For example: University named Columbia, you’d be able to configure Yellowdig to display the logo as COLUMBIAdig, Columbia.dig, etc.



Scheduled Data Exports

We offer a variety of data exports on request which you may use to track student engagement, faculty performance, student generated content for research driven purposes. Our team can export this data in .csv, JSON, .txt, Powerpoint, etc.

 See also: Using our API for your own data consumption needs. 



LMS Display Options

Upon installing Yellowdig, it’s possible to customize how it is that Yellowdig is seen and accessed within your organization’s LMS including location of Yellowdig link as well as visibility dependent on LMS user role.



Student Created Boards With Automated Owner Transfer

Yellowdig may be configured to allow for students to create and launch Yellowdig boards from the LMS. When enabled, this feature allows students to initialize discussions without needing to wait for instructor involvement.

Instructors may claim ownership of such boards after the discussion has started.



Customizing Color-Scheme

Yellowdig may be configured to display custom colors from your organization. This includes a high-contrast option for accessibility requirements.



Template Boards / Starter Content

You may supply Yellowdig with customized initial content which can be copied into subsequent boards as conversation starters or orientation materials. 

See also: "Copy Content From" feature.



Automated Attendance Data Tracking

Some of our customers use the Yellowdig Public API to track student attendance. Additionally, our team can configure attendance scripting to send automated attendance reports to your organization on a regular basis.



Organization Defaults

  • Private board browsing — If desired, the ability for students to navigate to other boards within their organization may be disabled.
  • One-click board creation —  Boards are created on clicking LMS launch without need for specified user configurations. Recommended for organizations anticipating or interested in expansion. 
  • Custom notification settings —  Default notification settings can be customized at the organization level for all users.




Feel free to reach out should you find yourself with any data needs.


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