Organization Admin Tools

The Administrator dashboard is available to the organization's administrator. It is accessed by toggling the  drop-down arrow in the upper right-hand corner of Yellowdig and then selecting "Admin Board". ( seen in the following screenshot )



Set Categories

When a Yellowdig board is created, the user creating the board is required to select a Category. Here, admins are able to create and manage these Categories. The following screenshots represent the default set of Categories and the "Add Category" screen encountered upon clicking the + button.



Approve Boards

 Within this tab, admins are able to manage any boards which users within their network have attempted to create. Note: These are boards that would be created directly from within Yellowdig. Such boards are not and will not be able to be connected to the LMS.



The Usage panel provides a top down overview of 4 key organization metrics. For access to additional data, see Organization Customizations.



Violations provides a tool that allows admins to restrict and be made aware of anyone using specified keywords within their organization's Yellowdig. In the example below, a post is displayed that contains the keyword "Rocket", seen entered on the right. 



Admins are able to manage all users within their organization within this tab. Several filters can be applied to the list including filtering by "Active/Inactive" and network co-admins.


Settings > Point Settings 

Admins are able to set their organization's default Points Settings from within this panel.


Settings > Topic Settings 

Similar to Points Settings, admins can set their organization's default topic settings by navigating to this pane.


Settings > LTI Settings 

LTI Settings can have significant impact on the organization. If uncertain about any of the following options, it is highly recommended that you contact prior to making any changes.



This tool panel provides admins the following options --

  • Change Board Ownership. Simply select the desired board and enter the email of who it is that is intended to become owner.
  • Enable Conversations. Conversations -- Yellowdig's real-time, in-platform chat feature can be disabled/enabled here.
  • Upload University Image. Here, admins are able to change the image seen on certain pages such as users' profile pages. The height of the image should be at least 400px while a minimum width of 1200px is suggested.


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