Creating and Using Topics

We recommend trying to create or delete any topics before a course starts so that students will be able to use the organization you envision for your class from the start.  You can easily add Topics at any time if you find a need for an additional Topic or have missed one.  In general, we do not recommend deleting Topics after a course has started, but it is possible to delete them at any time. 

You can also decide whether students are required to use Topics by accessing a pull down menu on the Topics settings page.  We recommend that you require the use of Topics, or at least make them suggested.  Topics help learners stay organized and will improve the quality of the metrics you see in the metrics dashboard.

Written steps for creating topics appear below and here is a quick video showing how to create and use them:



Follow these steps to create topics:

1. Go to the relevant board by selecting it from the top drop-down menu.

2. Click “Settings” at the top of the ribbon.

3. Click “Topics” on the left side.

4. Click “+add topic” link.


5. Type a topic name in blank area.

6. Click the “Save” icon to save the new topics

7. If you wish to cancel your creation of a topic, hit the red “X”.

8. Topics that appear by default or that you create can be deleted using the small trash can icon next to them (it is not recommended to delete topics that students have used) 

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