Edit board settings

Board owners can edit board properties by changing the settings.

  1. Access board of choice
  2. Click the “Setting” button on the top of ribbon. 

There are 8 board properties that can be edited:

  • Board Name: Change board name and hit “Save Settings”.
  • Board Category: Change board category and hit “Save Settings”.
  • Access Level: Change sharing mode and hit “Save Settings”.
  • Board Status: Change comment eligibility and hit “Save Settings”.
  • Points System Enabled: Uncheck and submit to disable points system on board. Once disabled, students will not earn points in the course board. Hit “Save Settings” when finished. 
  • Grade Passback Enabled: Uncheck and submit to stop gradebook pass-back to LMS of Yellowdig points. Hit “Save Settings” when finished. 
  • Change Board Ownership: Click the “Change board ownership” and enter new owner email and hit “Send”. The new owner needs to be an existing follower of the board. 
  • Delete Board: Delete the board at the end of the semester. Only community admin can enable board back once disabled.


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