Using Filters to Find Certain Posts

As a learner, Filters provide a fast and easy ways to search for and find content you want to comment on, review, or save for later.

To find posts using Filters:

Click on the “Add filter” pull down on the sidebar on the right, which is shown open below.



If you want to find your own posts, you can click on the “My Content” filter.

If you want to find a post related to a specific user, you can click the “Filter by User” icon.  You can then begin entering their name below the filter pull down and select them from the menu of board members that will display. 

It is possible to set multiple filters to further reduce the Pins that you will see in the Feed by simply repeating the steps above to add another Filter. 

If you want to remove a filter that you have enabled, click the "x" icon on the right side of the filter notice, which is shown at the top of the feed (circled in black below).


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