Enable weekly maximum points

Board owners and administrators can set weekly maximum points that a board follower can earn. This feature is designed to discourage students from trying to earn all the points right at the beginning of the semester, or waiting until the end. Students can participate as much as they like, but they can only earn the weekly maximum points.                                                             

The weekly maximum is disabled by default. To enable it:

  1. Log into the relevant board.
  2. Click on the “Settings” tab and then click on “Points”.



  1. Check "Enable weekly maximum points setting" box.
  2. Enter in a weekly maximum point limit. 

A good rule of thumb is dividing the total target points (100% participation) by 1/2 of number of weeks in the course. For example, if total target points is 200 for a 6 weeks course, a reasonable weekly maximum is 200 / (6/2) = 200 / 3 = 65. Dividing the target points with 1/2 of number of weeks, provides the students a reasonable opportunity to make up for weeks they could not participate on Yellowdig.

  1. Select the starting time for the weekly cycle.
  2. Click “Saving settings” to submit.

Note: Weekly max points earned by students can go beyond the max points set on the board. For example, let us assume weekly max points is set to 65 on a board. If one of the users has 60 points, and then makes a new post earning her 10 points, she will now have 70 points (e.g. higher than the weekly max of 65). She earns the full 10 points for her post. However, she will not earn any more points for the week given she has crossed the weekly points limit.

Be careful, only to set the weekly maximum before the semester begins.


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