Checking Your Points and Other Metrics About Your Yellowdig Participation

If points are enabled for a board, after you have selected that board from the pull down at the top and you are looking at the Feed, your total number of points for that board are displayed on the right of your Feed. 

If there is a weekly maximum set for the board, there is a percentage displayed in the center of a pie chart to the left of this point total that indicates your progress toward the weekly maximum for the current week.  And below the total points there is a fraction that displays the number of points that are contributing to your weekly maximum and the number of points that you can acquire in any given week. 

If there is not a weekly maximum set, the pie chart and percentage will show the percent of the total points set for the entire course and the text below the point total will show the number of points needed for 100% participation for the course.

You can directly access your point record, the total point goal, and progress toward it by clicking on the “My Points Log” button inside your board.  The grade sync for Yellowdig is set to run on a schedule for each board.  Therefore, points earned in Yellowdig will not immediately be displayed in your LMS gradebook; the points indicated inside the Yellowdig platform will be the most up-to-date and accurate record of your progress toward your participation goal.  Please see this knowledge base article to learn more about getting points, your LMS gradebook, and how your participation is graded.


This will bring up a log of the actions that resulted in you getting points.  The rules for how you can earn points are accessible from "How Points Work," which is shown below the point area on the right of the Feed.  


A detailed report showing other metrics related to your participation can also be accessed by clicking on the “My Dashboard” link below the "My Points Log" link or by clicking on the “Dashboard” tab when you enter the board.

Typically students & other learners are given user permissions as "board followers."  If you are a board follower, you will only be able to view your own points and other performance dashboard metrics, as seen below.  These metrics do not influence your Yellowdig points or grade and are not calculated into those metrics.  However, these metrics let you know how your effort compares to the rest of the class and, depending on how the point system is setup for your class, they may be useful in thinking about how you can improve your Pin Quality or Network Influence.  Doing so may ultimately help you earn more points.


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