Create a pin

Creating a "Pin" is simple. You will find the “+Pin” button on the right side of Feed page.

  1. Log into the board.
  2. Click the “+Pin” button

  • You can include videos, pictures and text files inside the Your pin can also include a poll, and tag specific users by entering the “@” symbol before their names.
  • Pins support LaTeX and all languages. As a board owner or administrator, you could check the box “Show on top of feed” to force the current Pin to be displayed at the top. Students do not have this access.
  • Pins feature auto-save and save as draft functionality, allowing you to revisit unfinished work.
  • Pins allow up to four uploads at a time of a single file type. ( Please note that for video uploads, only mpeg-4/m4v file extensions are accepted. )
  • Maximum size for uploaded is 250mb.




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