Disabling or Setting Up Points for Specific Topics

As an instructor you can create topics to help students stay organized or find specific content.  By default, when you create a Topic students will be able to earn points when they tag their Pins with that Topic or any of the Topics that already exist.  However, you can enable and disable points for specific topics to nudge students toward discussing the Topics that you think they should discuss.  For example, perhaps you would choose not to grant points for comments on a topic created to match up with your Week 1 content when the class is now in Week 8 because your students have already commented a lot on Week 1.  By turning points on and off for Topics you can encourage posting for the Topics that need more attention without preventing them from continuing other discussions they might be intrinsically motivated to continue discussing, like Topics they find interesting or information they find useful to share.

To disable the ability for learners to collect points for a topic, do the following:

1. Select the appropriate board in the pull down

2. Click “Settings”

3. Click “Topics”

4. Uncheck “Enable points for creating a pin, comment, or upvote with this topic”

5. Click "Update Topic"

To reenable points for a topic you would simply follow the same steps but ensure that there is a yellow "X" in the "Enable points..." check box.

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