Create a board

As a Yellowdig user, you could create a board to start sharing thoughts, ideas, and content. Note that only administrators or owners (professors) can create boards. Students could not create a board by themselves currently. 

To create a board:

1. Click the “Add a board” option in “Network” section.

2. Fill in the “Board name”, select the category to which the board will belong to, and choose the board access level. You can choose to create a private board or a public board: 

  • The feed in a public board is accessible by all users within the university. You can enroll into any public board you choose.
  • The feed in a private board is only available to the invited followers. While you can request to join any board, the board owner must ultimately approve or deny your request.

3. Click “Submit” button.

A board is successfully created when the message pops up notifying you that the board is active. You will automatically be redirected to the new board.

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