Customize the point system

The board owner can edit the default point system. A customized point system will promote different types of classes. For example, if a professor is more interested into class discussion, he or she could offer more points on comment creation. However, if a professor is more interested into students finding more information, he or she could place more weight on pin creation.

 To adjust the point system:

  1. Log into the board
  2. Click on the “Settings” tab.
  3. Click on the “Points” icon on the left.

You will note the default settings for points, which you can easily change by entering new values and clicking on the “Save Settings” button on the top right. 


This will automatically update the points system for the board. 

When enabled, the Weekly Point Maximum setting will allow you to limit the amount of points a student can earn in addition to setting when the period of time for which they can begin earning points begins.

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