Using Filters to Narrow a Search for Specific Content

Filters are designed to make it easier to find what you are looking for by minimizing what you will search for in pins.  Students have similar Filter options in their Feed for narrowing their searches to review content or find interesting things to Comment on.

The filters are located on the right side of the page.  When you activate a filter it will display above the first Pin in the filtered Feed. 

You can activate multiple Filters simultaneously to see an increasingly smaller and constrained number of Pins and Comments.  If you want to cancel a filter, click on the "x" next to the Filter that is displayed at the top of the Feed.


Filter By Date & New Content

These functions can be particularly useful and time saving for instructors.  For example, if you plan to grade any posts on a regular basis or if you want to consider badging new posts only from the current week, the date and new post filtering will ensure you are only grading and considering relevant posts.

Just select the "Filter By Date" option and enter the date range below that.  Within this option you can check the box that says "unread only" to make sure you only see content that you have not seen before. 


Filter By User

If you want to find a post based on a specific user, use the "Filter by User" option. This can be helpful for looking into a particular student's behavior on Yellowdig.  You can also see all of a student's activity by finding them in the Network tab or by clicking on the students name within the feed.  These will launch the student's profile and show their activity below that.


My Bookmarks 

If you want to find a post which was previously bookmarked, use the "My Bookmarks" Filter. If you find an interesting Pin but you don't have enough time to read it right then, or you want to remember to talk about a Pin in class, you can bookmark them to see them later.  You will find the ability to bookmark a Pin near the "Like It" and "Love It" options on Pins and Comments.


Pins with Badge

The "Pins with Badge" filter is a great way for you or students to see and review content that the instructor or administrators thought stood out.  Being able to review these Pins easily allows learners to more readily understand the kind of Pins and Comments that are most appreciated by instructors and TA's and provides an opportunity for other students to try to model their own posts after those.  This is one of many ways that the social functionality and resulting points from Yellowdig help drive higher quality content and discussions and a major reason why we recommend that course instructors periodically use these functions to reward good content.

My Content

If you want to find a pin you created or commented on, you can filter by the "My Content" option.  This functionality can help instructors and learners keep track of the conversation related to their Pins and Comments and is a good way to re-engage with or continue a conversation that was started in a prior session.

Board Owner's Content

If you want to read pins from only the board owner, use the "Board Owner's Content" Filter.  This allows learners to easily see content posted by the instructor or for another board administrator to find Pins and Comments posted by the instructor.

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