Connect Yellowdig to EdX LMS


Before adding Yellowdig to your EdX course, you must ensure the LTI key and secrets are configured LTI Passports first.

  1. Click on the Advanced Settings in the drop-down menu.



  1. Located the “Advanced Module List” sector and type "lti_consumer" inside the brackets.



  1. Located the "LTI Passports" sector and type the LTI Passports with the general form of "Yellowdig:universityname.consumer.key:XXXXXXXXXXXX" inside the brackets, where "universityname.consumer.key" and "XXXXXXXXXXXX" are the LTI key and secret provided to you by Yellowdig Support team.


      4.Click on the “Save changes” button. 

Now you have successfully enabled Yellowdig LTI passport in EdX.


Before adding Yellowdig to your course, it is necessary to set the points scale for grading

  1. Click on the "Grading" icons in the drop-down menu.