Connect Yellowdig to Blackboard Learn LMS

As a college network admin, you can connect your LMS to Yellowdig.

For blackboard learn LMS network, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Enable the editing mode in the course page.


  1. Click on the “Content” icon on the side bar.
  2. Click on the “Build content”.
  3. Click on the “Web Link” option.


  1. Complete the Web Link set up based on the steps below
  • set the name as you wish. It’s not going to influence the integration.
  • set the URL as to start the launch program.
  • check the box “This link is to a tool provider”. A drop box should pop up afterwards.
  • fill in the Key and Secret which would be provided by Yellowdig.
  • Click “Yes” for the box “Enable Evaluation” and set the points possible which would be the Yellowdig points contribution for students.
  • We recommend you to click “No” for “Open in New Window” while leaving the rest options default.
  • Click “Submit” button to execute the settings.