Making a Pin Easy to Find by Using the "Pin to Top" Functionality

If you want to make sure a Pin is seen we recommend using the "Pin to Top" functionality.  When creating a pin, board owners and administrators can push the Pin to the top of their learners' Feeds by checking the "Pin to top" option displayed in the Options menu at the bottom of the Pin creator (just to the left of the Post button as seen below).  The Pin will then be displayed at the top of the Feed for everyone in the board, making it easy for learners to find and see highly relevant Pins. 

Boards only allow one top post at a time, so if the board owner or another administrator uses the "Pin to top" functionality on another Pin, the original post that was pinned to the top will return to its place within the rest of the Feed.




A Pin that has been set to display on top will feature a light outline around the Pin, visually signifying that it is pinned to the top of the feed.



If you want to push an existing Pin to the top of the learners' Feed, find the Pin you want to put on top and then:

1. Click on the edit icon on the top right of the Pin to open the Pin editor.


2. Go to the "Options" drop down (as shown above) and select "Pin to top.

3. Click "Post"


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