Canvas LMS: Automatic Grading Set Up

Important :

After the Yellowdig LTI link is setup, course instructors will need to click once on the Yellowdig assignment link to enable Yellowdig to LMS grade passback and create the corresponding Yellowdig gradebook column.

Students too will also need to launch from the assignment link you are being instructed to create -just once- to establish their grade passback. In most cases, users missing a Yellowdig score in their LMS, despite having been awarded points according to Yellowdig, have yet to click on the corresponding assignment link.


As indicated above, Canvas requires that an assignment is created and linked to Yellowdig in order for grading to work. This is a simple process to set up and configure.

1. Ensure that Yellowdig is enabled for your course. If you don't see a Yellowdig entry on the left hand side of the navigation, contact your Canvas administrator. (Click on the link to ensure that your course is properly linked to a Yellowdig Board.)


2. Create a new assignment from the Assignments tab. In our example we'll call it Yellowdig, but you can use any name.


3. Fill out the "Assignments" set up page. 

  • You can assign any point value to the assignment.

  • Select "External Tool" as the Submission Type
  • Click on this input field. You should see a pop up with available integrations. Select Yellowdig from this list. If Yellowdig is not in that list, simply paste in this URL instead:
  • Click on the "Save" button to save the settings.

4. Instruct each of your students to launch from the assignment link you just created.  They have to do this -just once- to establish their grade passback.



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