A university's own private network

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Every College or University that uses Yellowdig has its own private network. All data on that network is completely owned by the university and is solely intended for its own students. Yellowdig is hosted using the Amazon Web Services. All data transfers happen using secure, encrypted channels (SSL and SSH only). 

Universities have private networks on Yellowdig. Users can join the private network of the university they belong to via two methods:

  •  Join via www.yellowdig.com by verifying their university email address
  • Join via University applications (e.g. LMS systems) that interoperate via the LTI standard

The university private network comprises of two types of boards -“Open to University” and “Invite Only” boards. You can learn the different between two boards here.

The posts are owned by the person who posted on Yellowdig. If the user posts a youtube link on Yellowdig, Yellowdig only maintains a link to the youtube video on the platform without storing the video. Users have the right to delete or edit their posts any time. The board owner has the right to delete any posts on the boards they own.


For Example, Northwestern has Northwestern Dig, UPenn has Penndig, etc. 


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