Seamless Integration with Your LMS

A key feature of Yellowdig is its seamless integration with most learning management systems including Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Sakai, etc.

  • This makes the platform easy to adopt university-wide
  • We have a simple LTI integration set up with most LMSs
  • We have One-Click access from the LMS
  • There is no need to make a separate account. We make the account for you when you come for the first time through the LMS.

To access Yellowdig from your LMS, you can find your LMS in the LMS connection section of the Knowledge Base. 

If your LMS is not represented, try following these more generic instructions.  The process is similar for most learning management systems that support LTI integration:

1. Go to your course page.

2. Navigate to settings. 

3. Within your settings, go to your LMS app configurations.

4. Then navigate to Yellowdig's settings within app configurations.

An example of the information needed for Canvas custom integration is the following:


5. Once installed, Yellowdig appears as a tab in the course.

6. Create an assignment to configure grade passback. When you click on the assignment it will usually automatically configure.

Assignment configuration options might be similar to those seen below from a Canvas assignment.

Please take note of the "Submission Type." In your LMS you will need to select "External Tool" and enter this URL where prompted: (seen below). This is also typically the window in which you'll decide on whether or not Yellowdig opens in a new tab or within the LMS shell.  We typically recommend loading in a new tab so that the Yellowdig interface will be able to occupy the full screen and will be more easily readable.

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