Creating New Boards as a Learner

Learners can create boards if their organization allows it.  It should be noted that a lot of organizations, by default, do not allow their learners/students to create boards.  If that is the case this option would not appear in the Network dropdown as indicated in Step 1 below.  Even in organizations that do allow learner-created boards, they require approval from the organization administrator.

For a student to create a board they will:

1. Click on Network at the top of the Yellowdig window and select "Add a Board."  That will result in the following "Create a Board" dialogue box (note: "Sandbox" in the image below would be the name of your institution).



2. Enter a name for the new board, select a category, determine whether you want to copy content from another board you own, and choose whether the board is to be private (open to invited or enrolled members) or public (open to your institution).

If you choose to copy content from another board a new set of three options will appear with check boxes that allow you to copy different aspects of the previous board: 1. Copy point configuration and Topics; 2. copy board followers (invite to new board); and 3. copy Pins and Comments.  The most common use when setting up for a new board is to select and copy only the point configuration and topics (option #1) without selecting and copying those who were enrolled (i.e., board followers - option #2) or actual Feed content (i.e., Pins and Comments - option #3) from the prior board. 


3. Click “Submit” button. Once created successfully and approved by the organizational administrator, the board owner can administer and use the board.



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