I See "Grading Not Configured" in My Learning Management System

If you are a student and see the message "Grading not configured," it means that grading for your Board is enabled, but not configured for your account. However, configuring your account for grading is quite simple.

In your Learning Management System (LMS) such as Canvas or Blackboard, find the assignment that corresponds to Yellowdig for your course. If you're unsure what the assignment is called, ask your instructor.

Keep in mind that each LMS and the structure of any courses within them will vary, but in the end, you'll still be navigating and clicking on what is essentially the same link/button. The following screenshots are an example of a Canvas Yellowdig assignment.


After finding the assignment, simply click on it. You'll be taken to the Yellowdig Board for the course (just as before), but grading will now be configured for you automatically.  From this point on you should be able to launch Yellowdig from anywhere (e.g., the sidebar if it is there for your course/institution) and grading should work.


If you still see the grading is not configured message, please contact us at support@yellowdig.com and we'll be happy to resolve the issue for you.

Please note that the grade sync from Yellowdig to the LMS gradebooks are not immediate and the exact timing may vary by institution, timezone, etc.  For that reason it may take as long as 6-12 hours for a grade earned in Yellowdig to appear in the gradebook.

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