Connect Yellowdig to Blackboard LMS


 Configure Yellowdig Web Link

As an instructor, you'll want to create a Web Link from the Build Content subsection of the content area in which you plan on providing students access to Yellowdig.

On the following page, you'll want to fill out the information seen in the following screenshot. You'll need to supply your organization's key and secret as well as the LTI launch URL:

Ensure that you've checked "yes" to Enable Evaluation and have set the Points Possible to that which you'd like your Blackboard's grade column to reflect.

On this page, you'd also be able to decide whether to have Yellowdig open in a new tab or within the course's Blackboard shell.

That's it! Grading is now enabled for your course and Yellowdig Points earned by students will be automatically mapped to your BB course and will display in an automatically created Yellowdig gradebook column. 



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