Revoking Points

Every so often we release a feature that we hope "no one actually has to use" :) We at Yellowdig truly root for intellectual freedom.

"If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it." - Albert Einstein

But then, there is that time when someone obviously tries to take advantage of the points system. In those rare occasions you can now revoke points earned by students. Research has shown that revoking points can reduce social collaboration and idea sharing, so please use this as the last resort.

Who can revoke points?

Board owner and board administrator/s can revoke points earned by a board follower (e.g. student) from a particular pin or comment.

How can I revoke points?

You simply revoke points of the particular pin or comment by clicking on the "revoke" icon.

You will notice the revoke icon next to the badge icon for each pin and comment. 



Who can see that points were revoked?

Other than the board owner and administrator/s, only the student whose points were revoked would be able to see the revoke icon. The revoke icon is hidden from all other board followers, so that this remains a one-to-one feedback.

How will the follower know when points are revoked?

The follower will receive an email notification (by default) when points were revoked. The email address of the person who revoked the points is included in the notification email to the follower. The follower may get in touch via email and discuss the reasons why the points were revoked.


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