We take accessibility very seriously and continue to make improvements in compliance with WCAG 2.0 standards.

Screenreaders: We follow standard convention to ensure the website's Screenreader compliance.

Bypass Blocks: Users can "Skip To" important content by just using the keyboard. The "Skip To" menu appears when the user hits on "Tab".

When you hit the keyboard "Tab", a skip-to pin list appears on the top left side of the website. Hit "Enter" and then hit "Tab" to start navigating the pin list.

When you get to the pin you would like to read or comment on, hit "Enter". 

Once on the pin, hit "Tab" to navigate the pin elements.

Keyboard Tab Order - Poster Name, Heading, Content, Vote, Comments, Reply / Comment

Meaningful Sequence: Screen readers view content from left to right. Yellowdig follows a meaningful sequence of HTML structure to make the content easily readable by screen-readers.

Below is the keyboard tab order after skipping the pin list. 

1. BoardList 2. Pin content 3. Recent or Popular 4. Search 5. Feed 6. Panel

Keyboard Tab order after hitting on the "Pin" button

1. Select Class Board 2. Add Tags 3. Title 4. Content 5. Post 

Readability Standards:

Color -

  • We do not use color cues in instructions (i.e. click the yellow button)
  • We do not use color as the only way to convey information or instructions
  • Customizations are being developed that will allow for users to select their own color schemes

KeyboardWe ensure that users have the ability to navigate most of the website using only their keyboard.

Screen - We do not use design elements that flash.

Page Title - We assign unique, descriptive titles for each page.

Labels or Instructions - We adhere to the use of clear, concise labels/instructions.

Accessibility is among the highest priorities within our product roadmap. If you or anyone you know would like to report an accessibility issue, please write to us at




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