Accessibility and High-Contrast Mode

We take accessibility very seriously and continue to make improvements in compliance with WCAG 2.0 standards.  It is always our goal to improve accessibility and it is and will remain among our highest priorities in developing new features. If you or anyone you know would like to report an accessibility issue, please write to us at


Keyboard Navigation and Screen Readers

To make Yellowdig easier for keyboard navigation and for use with screen readers, Yellowdig follows a meaningful sequence of HTML structure.  Once a Pin has been selected, hitting "Tab" will navigate through the pin elements in a fixed order: Poster Name, Heading, Content, Vote, Comments, Reply / Comment.

The keyboard tab order for the main feed is: 

1. Board List; 2. Pin content; 3. Recent or Popular; 4. Search; 5. Feed; 6. Panel

The keyboard tab order once you have clicked on the "Pin" button and are making a Pin is:

1. Select Class Board Pull-Down; 2. Add Topics; 3. Title; 4. Content; 5. Post


High Contrast Mode

There is a high contrast version of Yellowdig (seen below) that can be turned on or off for individual boards.  If this functionality would be helpful for you, please contact your board owner (typically your instructor) and ask them to activate it for your course board.



Readability Standards: 

Color - We do not use color cues as the only way to convey information or instructions (i.e. click the yellow button).

Keyboard - We ensure that users have the ability to navigate most of the website using only their keyboard.

Screen - We do not use design elements that flash.

Page Title - We assign unique, descriptive titles for each page.

Labels or Instructions - We adhere to the use of clear, concise labels/instructions.





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