Inviting Followers from Different Email Domains

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Your students can automatically gain access to Yellowdig though the LMS course site. Now you can invite followers outside of your School's LMS to make the course discussion more interesting. Consider inviting

  • Industry or functional experts
  • Alumni members
  • Outside faculty

1. Go to the particular Yellowdig board (select board name from top drop-down menu)

2. Click on "Invite Followers" link within the "Grow Your Network" widget

3. Enter educational email addresses (separated by " , ") of all the new members you want to invite to your Yellowdig board. You can also upload a CSV file with emails listed in a column. Please give a heads up to the members before sending them a Yellowdig invite to avoid any surprise or confusion.

4. If the email domain does not match your School's official email domain, you will be prompted. Select "Yes, Proceed" to send the invitation.

5. Invited member will receive an email with a link to follow your Yellowdig board. 

A few important points:

1. Invited members become partial members of your organization. They will only have access to the Yellowdig boards they get invited to. They will not have access to any other open or closed boards in your organization.

2. If you are using LMS gradebook integration, invited member's grade will not sync with the LMS as their credentials does not exist in the LMS. Other student's grades will continue to sync.


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