Add a poll to your pin

You can now add a poll to your pin. Polling helps you to :

  • Define a set of choices
  • Get quantitive feedback (as % of different options)
  • Set a defined timeframe (by defining when the poll expires) 

Follow the steps below to add a poll

1. Click on the poll icon on the top tight to add a poll to your pin. You can add a poll to any type of pin e.g. link, image, files etc.


2. The poll gets added at the bottom of your pin as shown below


3. Add the choices you want to poll the followers on. Click on "+ Add a Choice" to add upto 10 choices. Also, select how others will view the results - a. before voting, b. right after voting, c. after poll closes, or d. never show results depending on your objective.


4. Others will see the poll along with the pin with a radio button to choose and vote.




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