A 200-Word Introduction to Yellowdig

Yellowdig is a discussion platform that connects learners and empowers educators.  Yellowdig boards create a private network where learning communities can be established, allowing discussion and sharing to foster the relationships, skills, and knowledge that allow people to thrive. 

As information is increasingly digitized and widely available, reading textbooks and memorizing facts is no longer the primary way to drive learning.  And collaborative interactions with professors and peers are an increasingly valuable part of the learning experience.  Yellowdig provides an easy means for learners and other users to communicate and collaborate about class content and share a broad array of timely and relevant learning resources from the wider world (e.g., videos, news articles, blogs and more).

The beauty of Yellowdig for this purpose is in its simplicity. It uses conventions from social media, which the majority of learners are very familiar with and enjoy.  This simple design combined with gamification and the feedback that the platform provides helps students and instructors quickly and easily build collaborative learning communities. 

With Yellowdig, learning is not limited to class time or face-to-face interactions and becomes a shared goal of the entire learning community (i.e., your classes, departments, etc.).  Community members can learn from each other, anytime, anywhere, and from any device.


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