Creating Multiple Boards Per Course

We do not generally recommend "bucketing" conversations in Yellowdig or having strict rules to govern Yellowdig conversations (see Best Practices for recommendations and explanations).  Nonetheless, we find that some professors or organizations would still like to create multiple Yellowdig boards for a course, for example having a separate board for each week.  There are plenty of good reasons for wanting to do this and we do have the ability to help you do so.


Steps for creating courses with multiple Yellowdig boards:

(1) Contact the Yellowdig team with your request (

(2) The Yellowdig team will get back to you with a contact from our tech team to help you with this integration.

(3) Configure your LMS with multiple boards and check gradebook integration.

(4) You are all set for the semester! Start pinning. 


Technical Explanation:

The Yellowdig team implements this customized option by identifying each board within 1 course by the Resource Link ID rather than the Context ID, which is always used in standard LTI integrations to identify a particular course.

In a standard integration, Yellowdig captures the Context ID from the LTI integration and creates a board according to this ID. The Context ID characterizes the particular course within the LMS. However, this means that only 1 board can be created per course. 

In order to create multiple Yellowdig boards within 1 course, Yellowdig can no longer use the Context ID but must capture the Resource Link ID instead.

This means that courses with multiple Yellowdig boards must be configured differently than courses with one Yellowdig board.



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