Accessing Your Yellowdig Boards and Finding New Boards to Follow

A Yellowdig board is typically used for each course or other user segment within an organization and each board typically has one feed where discussion and sharing takes place. 

Learners and instructors using Yellowdig in their courses will usually access the platform via their learning management system (LMS; e.g., Canvas, Moodle, or Blackboard).  In the LMS Yellowdig will generally appear as a link on the side bar or as an assignment set up by the instructor or institution.  After initial login through the LMS, or if invited to a Yellowdig board via other means, you can also access Yellowdig directly through the website or on-the-go using a mobile version of the platform

If you are unable to access Yellowdig boards from your LMS and you believe one has been set up, please check your cookie configuration and use these instructions for enabling 3rd party cookies for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Once logged in to Yellowdig, users can directly access each board they are a member of (follower or administrator) by clicking on the drop down menu at the top.  You will then click the board you wish to access on the pull down. (Note: Clicking on the “All Boards” link would redirect you to the homepage).



Alternatively, users can navigate to boards or find new boards to join by clicking the “Follow Community boards” option from the Network pulldown at the top of the page.



Following that link will display all community boards in your private university network. The boards which you own will have an “Owner” icon. You can access your own boards (or the boards you follow) by clicking the blue title.



If you find a lock icon for a board, it indicates that the board is private and your request to follow the board must be approved by the board owner or administrator.  Given approval is necessary your ability to access to that board will not be immediate.




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