Yellowdig Student Onboarding

How to Access Yellowdig

Students using Yellowdig in their courses can access the platform either via their university LMS (such as Canvas, Moodle, or Blackboard) or directly via the website. The Yellowdig team has also recently released the mobile version of the platform, for on-the-go access! 

Please note, if you are using Canvas, you will have to enable gradebook configuration to link the Yellowdig point system with Canvas assignments.

Another note, if you are unable to access your Yellowdig boards from your LMS, please check your cookie configuration. Here are the instructions for enabling 3rd party cookies for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. 

Accessing Yellowdig via Canvas

Accessing Yellowdig via Blackboard

Accessing Yellowdig via the Website

Mobile Access to Yellowdig 

You can now access Yellowdig on-the-go and in-between classes with the Yellowdig mobile app. This lets you get easily caught up with the your course news feeds quickly and regularly!

Grading with Yellowdig

How does the Yellowdig point system work?

  • Your professor might configure the points system to suit the course or use the standard Yellowdig point system at the beginning of the semester.
  • Follow the point guidelines to meet weekly points requirements throughout the semester

How do I check my points?

  • Click on board points to access a table of how you earned your points

Course Success: Get Involved

How can I maximize on participation?

We interviewed Yellowdig professors and asked them what they are looking for on Yellowdig. Here are some best practices:

  • Use good news sources when pinning and avoid questionable sources. If you are using a questionable source, it is good to include critique or explanation regarding the content of the source
  • Get involved! Read other student pins and share your thoughts and opinions as comments! This is a great way to start developing friendships within the classroom. 
  • Check for Yellowdig updates regularly and remain engaged throughout the semester. This will help with class discussions, assignments, and even exams. You will be surprised by how much you can learn from fellow students.
  • Some of you might be able to have more direct access to course TA's via Yellowdig, especially before important assignments and papers are due! 


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