Access the Yellowdig demo via Canvas

We would like to ensure that you get a chance to play around with the interface for yourself after your Yellowdig demo. Please follow these steps to access the Yellowdig demo via Canvas:

(1) Please use this link to enroll as a student in Yellowdig's Design for the Future course. If you are having trouble accessing the demo, please email  

(2) You will see the view below when you click the enrollment link. Please enter your name and email, check 'I am a new user', and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. Click 'Enroll in a Course'

(3) Once you click the Enroll in Course button, you gain access to this view in the Canvas dashboard. Please click Go to the Course.

(4) You will be prompted to this view within the Canvas environment. Please click on the Yellowdig tab to access the course! 

(5) Click on the Yellowdig tab to access your interactive Yellowdig course. You will be prompted to the following view in Yellowdig. 

(6) Please click on 'All Boards' then 'Follow University Boards' in the right hand side dashboard to follow more boards. Under 'Initiatives', you will find both the 'Design for the Future' and 'Yellowdig Mentorship Program' boards. To learn more about Yellowdig boards, check out this article


Please follow this workflow to invite new members to the Yellowdig Demo:

(1) Contact the Yellowdig team to set up a teacher's account within the Design for the Future course. 

(2) To invite additional members to this board, please go to the 'People' tab in Canvas on the secondary left-hand side dashboard:

(3) Please select +People on the top right side of the interface, and the following dialog should pop up:

(4) Please ensure that the "Role" of the invitee is selected as "Teacher"

To input emails and names, please use the following format:

"Last Name, First Name" <email>, "Last Name, First Name" <email> 

"Roy Shaunak" <>, "Sharma Shantanu" <> 

(5) Please click on 'Add Users' to add more users to the list, shown below:

(6) You will receive a confirmation about the invitations and an option to 'Add More Users'.

(7) You will be able to see when your invitees have accepted their invitations via Canvas!




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