Accessing Organization-Level Data and Usage Metrics

The Usage Table in the Admin Board gives organizations a broad overview of their Yellowdig usage. 



All metrics are shown by month. Totals for all time are displayed in parentheses in the column labeled Metric (far left). If you would like to manipulate these data more you can download an Excel file containing them by clicking on the "Download Excel" link.

Key for metrics:

  • # of users - The number of new users for the month
  • # of boards - The number of new boards created for the month
  • # of pin views - The total number of Pin views (A Pin view is counted when a Pin is on the page for 5 seconds)
  • # of comments -  The total number of Comments created
  • # of pin votes - The total number of Likes or Loves on Pins
  • # of comment votes - The total number of Likes on Comments
If your organization wants further access to data, there are options.  For example, we have several APIs available.  For all of the information about our APIs, please refer to our Yellowdig API Documentation. You will need to request the API token for your organization by contacting The API token will only be issued to authorized personnel. 
Please contact for more information about any other data analytic or usage metric needs.
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