Making a Pin or Comment in Yellowdig

Pins are the main posts in Yellowdig where learners and instructors can share their thoughts, articles, videos, pictures, etc.

Creating a Pin is simple. Start by clicking the +Pin button in the top right corner of the page.

  • If navigating from all boards page you can now choose a board. Navigating from a board feed page will automatically populate that board
  • Choose a topic from the Topics dropdown
  • Add a link or type a title to the Link or Title
  • Add your content below
  • Click Post



Saving Drafts and Accessing Autosaved Drafts

You will find the options to SaveOpenMake a copy, and Clear within the Menu dropdown within the Pin Editor.


When you click Open, you will be taken to the drafts folders. By default, the manually saved My Drafts folder will be selected. To see auto-saves, click the AutoSaved folder (seen selected below). You can open a draft by clicking on the Title, or delete a draft by clicking the Trash Can icon. 



Common Pinning Errors and Tips

Below are the potential messages that you may receive when creating a Pin:
  • You must select a Board in order to post, and so we can correctly populate the available Topics, and to correctly calculate word counts for Points
  • A title is always required when creating a Pin. If you paste in a link to a video or article, this will be populated for you.
  • The board owner can choose to require you to use Topics in order to better organize Pins. If this is done you must add a Topic from the dropdown before posting.
  • If you do not meet the minimum word requirement you will not receive points. This warning will not prevent you from posting.
  • This is just a helpful message confirming that you have created a copy of the current Pin draft.  


Posting Comments

To add a comment: 

1. Click on the "comment" area.


2. The comment area will expand and you will be able to type in your response.



3. You can attach files such as text files, graphs, spreadsheets, short videos by clicking the “Menu” button and selecting “Add Attachment” icon.



4. Your message would be automatically saved as a draft when the keyboard will detect a lack of activity for more than 10 seconds. 

5. Click “Post” button to submit your comments and your page will be refreshed.



Additional knowledge base articles relating to Pin features and other functionality can be found here.


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