Board / Participation Overview


For additional information related to the points that you'll continue to earn by posting Pins, Comments, etc., you can utilize "My Points Log" and "How Points Work". ( seen in the following screenshot ) 

"My Points Log" will display a detailed list of all Pins and Comments for which you were awarded points:

"How Points Work" will display the Points setting decided upon by your instructor as well as an overview of your current participation grade:

For additional participation information, the "Dashboard" tab will show metrics related to how your engagement relates to your fellow board followers. 



"Trending Topics", seen on the righthand sidebar, is designed to show student activities within a week related to specific Topics. It will show the number of pins posted during the past week. The three Topics with the most/recent activity are displayed by default. Click "Show all Topics" beneath to expand that list. That list of Topics is what will be available to you for appending to a Pin when posting from the Pin editor -- an example of which can be seen in the second screenshot.


Note that by clicking on a Topic -- either from the sidebar, or on its location within a Pin -- you will be able to quickly filter by that Topic. 

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