Avoid This - 05. Don't worry

The entire point of Yellowdig is to build learning communities where people can help one another.  The platform uses a format that is familiar to learners and that they enjoy using in other parts of their lives.  With some small rewards for participation and making the experience a fun and different way to engage with the content, learners will find interesting ways to support one another and their learning using Yellowdig features.  The flexibility of Yellowdig means there are a lot of interesting ways that instructors can elect to use the platform as a structured part of their course. However, the platform is also designed to be “low touch” and improve learning and the learning experience, even if instructors are not assigning specific “homework” in the platform.

Why?  If you follow these best practices with Yellowdig we expect you will have a great experience.  As you become familiar with Yellowdig and apply your expertise in teaching and in your specific field, we expect that you will find innovative and interesting ways to use Yellowdig’s more advanced features to make that experience even better!

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