Do This - 04. Use the weekly points maximum with a buffer

(Settings → Points)

We recommend enabling the weekly points maximum.  A good rule-of-thumb is to set the maximum by taking the total points for the course and dividing it by the number of weeks, then adding an additional 25% of that weekly point goal [i.e., (total points / # of weeks) + .25 x (total points / # of weeks)].  This 25% buffer allows learners to make up for 1 week of missed participation by getting the maximum points during 4 other weeks.  Note that the point maximum is a "soft limit" and that students can possibly exceed that limit by a little bit because Yellowdig awards full points for any completed action up until a student exceeds the limit.  Consider this as you select the limit you would like to implement. 

Why? The point maximum ensures learners have to interact with the platform over the entire course and will not be able to do all of their participation in the last week and get as good of a grade as other learners without having really contributed to any meaningful discussions throughout the semester.  The suggested buffer gives learners some flexibility in managing their time and participation (e.g., if a child gets sick) and will reduce how much learners contact you about grades.

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