Do This - 06. Require Topics for Pins and create them before the course starts

(Settings → Topics)

By default, Topics are not required in case an instructor does not want to create them.  However, we do recommend requiring them on posts (or at least suggesting them). This functionality can be enabled via the dropdown on the Topics settings menu.  

Then add Topics to the list, ideally before the course starts, so that they can be selected for specific course content.  Topics work best when the title includes information about the content rather than only focusing on the course structure. For example, for Marketing 101 rather than “Week 2” as a Topic, use “Buyer Journey” or “Wk2 - Buyer Journey”   

Why? We suggest requiring Topics because they help learners find content.  Some of the data analytics are also based on Topics, which are really only useful when students use Topic tags.  These metrics tell you what is interesting to learners and what might need more coverage in class (see Dashboard → Course Reports → Topic Analysis).

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