Save Time - 01. Encourage class-related questions

Create a “Class Question” Topic and specifically instruct learners to Pin any non-sensitive class questions tagged with that Topic.  For example, “I see the Final is worth more than the Midterms but the syllabus does not say it is comprehensive. I assume it is?”

Setting up this kind of Topic and reminding learners to use it will allow learners to answer each others’ questions for you, for all learners to see those answers, and save you from answering the same question 10 times for each individual learner.  If you think a specific answer is the “right” one and you want to indicate that to your class, you can simply mark it with an instructor Badge. You can also easily find and link learners to these answers.

If you consistently Badge the first responders that post good answers to others’ questions, the instructor recognition and points from those Badges will definitely encourage them to respond to each other quickly and accurately.  And once learners realize they can get accurate answers faster through Yellowdig, they’ll quickly stop stuffing your email inbox.

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