Save Time - 02. Quickly give good feedback

Yellowdig provides you quick, easy, and readily accessible ways to interact with students and provide them feedback.  Some of those are automated mechanics like points for Pins, which we recommend you setup. Through those points you also enable mechanics for qualitative feedback, specifically earning points through Upvotes from instructors or other learners and Badges that you award them.  Obviously, Upvotes and Badges given directly by instructors carry with them the additional validation of being from the “authority” on the course material. There is also the ability to mark content as “Not Relevant” which provides a different kind of feedback and, of course, instructors can choose to comment on anything they like or easily send personal messages.

Most of these mechanics are automatic or do not burden instructors at all.  The others mostly take a few seconds of reading and a click. Moreover, the platform is easily accessible from mobile or the web, so you can give a lot of feedback whenever you have time and without sitting down to “grade” (e.g., while waiting for a meeting to start or during travel).

Why?  Today’s students crave constant interaction and quick feedback.  Aside from the various educational benefits, doing a good job of providing these inputs will positively influence their perception of an instructor and the class.  But feedback is usually time-consuming and difficult for instructors to give, especially in large or online classes. Yellowdig provides good functionality for doing this and we recommend instructors take advantage of them.

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