Blocking Users from Your Boards

If there is ever a need to prevent a user from viewing or posting in a private board, it is easy to remove them from accessing it.  To do this you must be a board owner (typically the person who created the board).  It is not sufficient to have board administrator privileges.  Organizational administrators can also block users from the entire organization.


To remove a user:

1. Select the board from which you want to remove a follower from the pull down at the top of the Yellowdig window.  Go to the Settings tab above the board feed and select "Members" on the left side.  This will show every board member.  To remove someone from the board uncheck the box in the "Follower" column.  Once you have made a change on the board a green "Save Settings" button will appear in the upper right.



2. Click on the "Save Settings" button, which will show the confirmation dialogue box below.



3. Click on "Yes" and the follower will be removed from the board.  Please note that this procedure will remove the follower from the list for the course, so you cannot simply recheck the box to add them back into the course.  If you want to add them back to the board at a later time, they will need to be invited back.


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